Getting Ready For Ready Grass

The joints between the installed rolls will be fully closed in a few weeks and after couple of mowings if the rolls are installed in accordance with the specs.

Drainage system should be installed in accordance with the soil analysis.

Irrigation system should be installed in accordance with the climatic and seasonal water needs of the grass. 

The final grass elevation with reference to the surrounding structures should be taken into account while grading the suitable root zone material. The area should be rolled during and after the subsoil grading. All activities should finish and all materials have to removed before the installation of the Turfgrass sod. The turfgrass installation should start as soon as the truck arrives at your site. 

The lanscaping project will be completed after the installation of the Turfgrass sod. 

The area will be determined in m2 and the installation will be carried out along the longer side and vertical to the inclination. 

While installing the sod, the crew has to be careful not to leave any opennings between the rolls and overlapping should be avoided. It is helpful to install the rolls in a wall pattern. This will be better for the development of the rooting between the rolls. The roots along the edges will be exposed to air if openings are allowed between the rolls. Thus resulting in weakening along those spots. 

Irrigation of the newly installed area should start right after the installation (or during the installation in warm conditions) to the depth of 4-5 cm of soil. This is vitaly important to ensure proper wetness of the grass. 

Light rolling is useful after the irrigation. This will make the grass soil touch with the subsoil in a better way eliminating any air between the layers. 

It is important not to subject the newly installed area to activities. Allowing a period of 2 weeks is suggested for the better root development.

Irrigation should be more than the normal levels during the first couplue of weeks after the installation. Proper wetness is essential to acthieve healthy and strong roots. 

The height of the grass should be kept 3-4 cm. Regular and proper mowing is very important for long term health of the grass.

Proper fertilization should be done during March, April, May for summer and September, October, November for winter.