Big Roll

Big Roll

Installation time for big rolls is much shorter than that of standart rolls. 

The activities onf a field with big rolls can start in shorter time compared to standart roll installed-field. 

A typical 8500 m2 soccer field can be completed with 700 big rolls (each 12 m) instead of 21250 standart rolls (each 0.4 m). 
Since there will be lesser number of joints in the case of big roll installation, the fields will be ready for activities in considerably short time. 

The installation quality for big rolls is better than startdart rolls. 

The big rolls installation could be executed in large areas at faster pace. 

Properties of Turfgrass Sod

It is a living product produced in our farm with our technologically advanced equipments and experienced personnel. We use the best seed varieties to produce our sod which is harvested in various sizes.